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cathodic protection



Our structures are not immortal. Among the pathologies they suffer, corrosion constitutes the main cause of deterioration of our infrastructures. Bluespine offers you personalized and certified support, from the diagnostic of your work to the design of the treatment solution. Our innovative methodology is based on 60 years of cumulative experience in this field.

protection cathodique
Do you want to determine the causes of deterioration of your work?

We support you in defining diagnostic protocols and interpret the analysis results in order to recommend appropriate treatment. 

protection cathodique
You need to know the lifespan of your work, whether it is new or old?

We calculate the duration of the corrosion incubation and propagation phases, and help you establish the optimal action plan based on service requirements.

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Your structure is corroded and you plan to install cathodic protection?

We carry out or validate the cathodic protection design of your structure. Our high-level certified experience allows us to optimize costs and performance within the meaning of the NF EN ISO 12696 standard while guaranteeing the perfect safety of your work.

protection cathodique
Has a disaster occurred on one of your structures?

We act as scientific experts alongside legal experts following a disaster caused by corrosion. We determine its involvement in the ruin of the structure, and support you throughout the procedure.

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Is your infrastructure deteriorating?

We support you at each stage of your prevention or rehabilitation project, thus ensuring technical support for meticulous execution.

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You are leading a project involving complex electrochemistry concepts?

We bring you our cutting-edge expertise on complex electrochemistry and corrosion topics.

protection cathodique

Technical skills and references

“The N5 certification rewards 40 years of research and scientific work in the field of corrosion and associated technologies. This level of expert in cathodic protection confirms the uniqueness of the skills that we can  deploy for your rehabilitation projects.”

cathodic protection professor N5 ISO 15257

Professor Emeritus & N5 ISO 15257 concrete sector

Our support is:

protection cathodique

60 years of cumulative research and experience in corrosion

All necessary certification levels (EN ISO 15257 compliant)


Whatever your project, a  support to achieve your goals

protection cathodique

The latest calculation methods in 3D digital modeling

Expertise at the service of the successful completion of your projects



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