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Protection Cathodique 

anti-corrosion treatment


The BlueSpine

Cathodic Protection - Corrosion Treatment

Corrosion of infrastructure is an inescapable reality. When the diagnosis reveals an advanced state of corrosion, cathodic protection becomes essential to stop its propagation and damage to structural elements that endanger users.

We rely on recognized and certified skills to offer reliable and efficient equipment in terms of cathodic protection, which guarantees the longevity of your structures.

Discover the product

Bluespine manufactures high-tech cathodic protection equipment, designed to meet normative requirements for performance and durability. Our innovative technology offers a complete solution tailored to your needs. 

Cathodic Protection controller


  • Reinforced or prestressed concrete

  • New structures for prevention

  • Old structures for treatment

  • Engineering works or buildings

  • Corrosion due to carbonation or chloride pollution

  • Compatible with all structural repair solutions

  • Compatible with all ICCP anodic systems available on the market

BSCP-100's function

  • Ensures, regulates and controls the power supply to the zones to be protected.

  • Measures and collects all required normative current and potential data, as well as additional data from various sensors (temperature, humidity, pH, etc.), to thoroughly evaluate the performance of the installation.

  • Evaluates the performance of the cathodic protection installation by carrying out a synchronized cut-off of all the anodic zones to carry out the examination of the 3 normative criteria (EN ISO 12696).

  • Generates normative reports and alerts the operator in the event of incidents or defects.

Cathodic protection in reinforced concrete

Principe de protection cathodique à courant imposé béton.png
Automate de protection cathodique pour traiter la corrosion des aciers dans le béton armé

How it Works

Tailor-made solution adapted to the needs of the structure, regardless of the number of anodic zones requiring protection.

  • For each anodic zone, the reinforcement to be protected is connected to the negative pole (black) and the anodic system (Activated titanium or electro-conducting carbon coating) to the positive pole (red) of the cathodic protection PLC.

  • The reinforcement undergoes cathodic polarization (potential drop), which is evaluated via reference electrodes and depolarization probes. The EN ISO 12696 standard specifies the minimum number of measurements to be made per anodic zone.

  • The PLC is connected to the grid or powered by a system of solar panels and batteries whenever possible.



Inhibition of steel corrosion rate through cathodic polarization. 


Gradual decontamination of concrete by chloride migration.


Gradual alkalization of concrete through increased pH

Some of the advantages of using the BlueSpine cathodic protection controller

Tailor-made cathodic protection PLC

Our cathodic protection controller is designed to suit all projects, regardless of :

  • The number of zones requiring protection

  • The variety and quantity of measurements needed (current, potential, temperatures, ...)

  • The configuration into one or multiple cabinets

  • Adaptation to the structure’s age and environmental factors (aggressiveness, temperature, etc.)

Modules de protection cathodique à courant imposé pour le béton conçus sur mesure en fonction des spécificités de l'ouvrage
Tailor-made cathodic protection PLC
Protection cathodique à courant imposé pour le béton fiable grâce à une connectique étanche
Reliability and durability BSCP-100
Reliability and durability 
  • Cabinets and connectors : 

    • IP66 Class to prevent electronic component degradation from dust and moisture.

    •  IK10 Class to withstand shocks and vibrations during transportation, installation, and service life.

  • Electronic board coating with thermo-conductive polymer :

    • Uniform heat dissipation. ​

    • Protection against corrosion. 

  • Controlled hygrothermal environment: temperature and humidity regulation regardless of external conditions.

  • Lightning and surge protection: Power supply protection ensured by a 1+2+3 monoblock lightning arrester and Transil diode devices.

Remote monitoring
  • Intuitive control: ergonomic full web interface for easy monitoring and remote control of the installation.

  • Secured data : 

    • Alerts in case of incidents or hacking attempts.

    • Double authentication for secure monitoring.

    • Encryption of communication buses and storage on highly secure servers.

Remote monitoring for cathodic protection
Automate de protection cathodique à courant imposé conforme aux règlementations de la norme EN ISO 12696
Critères de performance norme EN ISO 12696 - white.png
Compliance with current recommandations and regulations

Our cathodic protection system complies with all the requirements outlined in EN ISO 12696 and each of its associated standards.

Anodes for impressed current cathodic protection (ICCP)

Anodes titane activé BlueSpine pour la protection cathodique à courant imposé
Activated titanium anodes
  • In mesh, ribbon or drilled, our anodes are adaptable to all the needs of the work regardless of its geometry or pathology.

  • Activated titanium provides the highest level of corrosion protection throughout the lifetime of the installation (up to 220 mA/m² over 50 years).

  • Robust anodes thanks to : 

    • their Level 1 titanium composition according to ASTM-B-265 for maximum mechanical strength.

    • their precious metal oxide (MMO) coating making them resistant to all environments, even the most aggressive.

Electro-conductive coating anode
  • A powerful and reliable anodic system thanks to its high carbon content:

    • ​Uniformity of cathodic protection current distribution. 

    • Limitation of the risk of over-polarization.

    • The primary layer, composed of aluminum silicates, provides better carbon adhesion to the structure and thus ensures the durability of the anode. It causes a buffer effect between the concrete and the anode, thus limiting the undesirable acid effect at the anode.

  • Suitable for large areas to protect, this solution offers great simplicity of implementation: 

    • Reduction of the number of openings in the work.

    • Low weight compared to other anodic systems, adapted to unique structural constraints. 

    • Applicable in roll as in air-spray, for maximum time saving.

Revêtement électro conducteur pour protection cathodique béton

Cables and connectors

Boitier de jonction et connectique BlueSpine pour la protection cathodique dans le béton armé
Cable and junction boxes
  • The double insulation XLPE-XLPE (recommended by the standard) is resistant to aggressive environments, heat, humidity and mechanical stress.

  • Our XLPE-XLPE cable is available in all colours required by the cathodic protection standard EN ISO 12 696. 

  • The IP66 junction box allows a 30% decrease in hardware cost and a significant time saving during wiring.

Performance sensors

​BlueSpine offers the reference electrodes and depolarization probes necessary to evaluate the performance of your cathodic protection system as defined in EN ISO 12 696: 

  • Maximum measurement reliability thanks to the stability of the electrode potential:

    • High internal resistivity​

    • Mortar cap

  • All our sensors are subject to rigorous quality control in the laboratory and a calibration certificate is systematically provided to you.

Electrode de référence et sonde de dépolarisation pour la protection cathodique dans le béton

Jeremy L., Project Manager, civil engineering company

"With the BSCP-100, we were able to reduce our wiring time by more than half! Additionally, we greatly appreciated the support of the BlueSpine team throughout the project, which has provided us with greater peace of mind and saved us a significant amount of time on a daily basis."

Assistance MOE MOA 4 copie_edited.png

Jean M., Architect,

charged with the rehabilitation of the Victor Hugo Highschool

"With the new possibilities offered by the Bluespine PLC, we are fully confident in the proper execution of the site, and the quality control features are extremely valuable."

Enrique H., Maritime and fluvial works maintenance division

"Thanks to Bluespine’s expertise, we can now choose the optimal solution in terms of security and cost. Additionally, remote monitoring and alert management provides significant benefits for public safety."

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