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Protection Cathodique 

anti-corrosion treatment


The BlueSpine

Protection Cathodique - Traitement anti-corrosion

Corrosion of infrastructure is an inescapable reality. When the diagnosis reveals an advanced state of corrosion, cathodic protection becomes essential to stop its propagation and damage to structural elements that endanger users.

We rely on recognized and certified skills to offer you reliable and efficient equipment in terms of cathodic protection, which guarantees the longevity of your structures.

Discover the product

Bluespine manufactures high-tech cathodic protection equipment, designed to meet normative requirements for performance and durability. Our innovative technology offers a complete solution tailored to your needs. 

Comfort in use

Our offering guarantees flexible installation management thanks to an intuitive web interface, enabling a personalized customer experience. It offers a real time savings for the user thanks to the overall automation of the treatment system.

Protection Cathodique 
Le confort 4.png
traitement anti-corrosion
traitement anti-corrosion

The design of the automaton meets normative requirements. Your data is stored and secure. We control all the risks inherent in the cathodic protection of structures, even the most complicated (such as prestressed structures). 

System performance

The integration of AI into the embedded software of our controller allows us to guarantee the performance of the installation according to the EN ISO 12696 standard, whatever the structure and its environment. It controls the interaction between neighboring anodic zones and takes environmental fluctuations into account. It provides you with a clear and precise analysis of the performance level in real time.

traitement anti-corrosion
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The cathodic protection automaton

A machine adapted to the specific needs of your structure

  • Automaton designed specifically to meet your specifications

  • Current self-regulation based on performance and safety criteria (EN ISO 12696)

  • Robust components for optimal durability

  • Integrated technical support, from commissioning to operational maintenance

Protection Cathodique 
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Tools and accessories for cathodic protection

  • Accessories meeting all the requirements of the EN ISO 12696 standard

  • Accessories selected by our team of specialists for maximum reliability and ergonomics

  • All these accessories are compatible with our automaton for optimal operation of your cathodic protection solution

The online software interface

A web interface allowing you to control the automaton, to view the data and analyze the results at every moment:

  • Flexible management of the installation from your phone, tablet or computer (full web SaaS)

  • Ergonomic interface: intuitive features, a step-by-step guided user experience, and easy configuration

  • Storage on  SQL database for intelligent extraction and precise analysis

  • Secure data access (double authentication and Cloud VPN)

  • Personalized customer experience: graphic representation of the installation on the treated structure and visualization of the measurements collected by the sensors

  • Automatic generation of reports corresponding to normative requirements (EN ISO 12696)

  • Alert notification in the event of an incident

Protection Cathodique 
Coming Soon...

Technical skills and references

"As an engineer specialized in IT and embedded electronics, I have accumulated recognized experience in the manufacturing of complex tools for cutting-edge industries. Extending the lifespan of structures is a complex and ambitious challenge which particularly appealed to me. I put my skills at the service of comfort, reliability and performance of the technologies used, particularly in the field of cathodic protection.”

Guillaume Benoit

CTO specialized in embedded computing


Before purchasing and installing our cathodic protection equipment, make sure you comply with EN ISO 12696 and EN ISO 15257. 

  • Commissioning requires Level 3 certification, 

  • Work supervision must be carried out by a level 3,

  • Sizing requires a level 4 or even 5 expert. 

Our team has all the required levels of certification to assist you if necessary to guarantee a compliant installation.


If you do not have these certification levels, click here.



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