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Diagnostic de corrosion.heic

corrosion diagnosis Corrosion expert



Corrosion is the main cause of degradation of your infrastructures. The diagnosis phase is essential to characterize the pathology (nature, extent and activity), recommend the most appropriate treatment and provide input data for its implementation. Previously, measuring was tedious, access conditions were sometimes difficult and analysis of the results was complicated.

Discover the product

Bluespine develops and manufactures its own corrosion diagnosis tool for reinforced concrete (equipment/platform). Thanks to the cutting-edge techniques used and the on-board intelligence, Bluespine offers the measurement tool as well as the collaborative platform to help you interpret measurements and produce reports. 

diagnostic corrosion Expert corrosion
diagnostic corrosion Expert corrosion France
Measurement reliability

Automatic measurement, intelligent and secure data storage

Reduce the risk of errors during your diagnostic campaigns thanks to automatic measurement. The tool also prevents data loss with secure transmission from the device to the data post-processing platform. 

Technician comfort

Intuitive and easy handling, voice assistance, Bluetooth communication

Take control of an intuitive tool allowing you to take your measurements anywhere, even in areas that are difficult to access, and without the help of an additional person.

diagnostic corrosion Expert corrosion
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diagnostic corrosion Expert corrosion
diagnostic corrosion Expert corrosion France
Time saving

On construction site : ergonomics and easy handling

Behind the computer : rigorous interpretation of results, automatic generation of reports, facilitated project management

Optimize your efficiency during your measurement campaigns, whether on site thanks to the ergonomics of the device or behind the computer thanks to the advanced features of our platform.

Exclusive customer area

Dedicated space for your customers, collaborative platform referencing

Offer an additional service to your customers thanks to the space dedicated to them on our collaborative platform. This online support allows them to directly consult the diagnostic results and directly download all the documents they need.

diagnostic corrosion Expert corrosion
diagnostic corrosion Expert corrosion

The Tool

Carry out all the necessary measurements for a comprehensive diagnosis of your


  • Measurement of electrical continuity between metallic elements in compliance with the new version of EN ISO 12696 standard

  • Measurement and personalized drawing of colored potential maps

  • Calculation of local potential gradients to allow you to detect corroded areas with certainty

  • Automatic Pick&PlayTM measurement and voice assistance for difficult-to-access structures

  • Bluetooth communication between the electrode and the tablet to allow you greater freedom of movement on site

The Accessories

BlueSpine provides you with all the accessories necessary for your corrosion diagnostics.

  • Our accessories are carefully chosen to ensure reliable and accurate measurements, without compromising the ease of use or high level of performance of our diagnostic tool

  • Each of our reference electrodes undergoes calibration carried out by authorized laboratories, thus guaranteeing their compliance with current standards, in order to maintain the precision of all the measurements.

  • We take care of the maintenance and after-sales service of essential accessories for your diagnostic campaigns, to guarantee you use with complete peace of mind.

diagnostic corrosion Expert corrosion

The Processing Software

Gather your data on our SAAS platform: 

  • Intelligent storage of your data

  • Automated and personalized generation of your reports

  • A “project management” mode to optimize your diagnostic campaigns

diagnostic corrosion Expert corrosion

The Collaborative Platform

The platform also gives you access to: 

  • Access dedicated to your customers to allow them to consult the diagnosis results

  • A directory of rehabilitation professionals to support you in your projects

  • A network of personalized partners in your space



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