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Meet the

BlueSpine Team

Bluespine was born from an observation: corrosion is the main cause of degradation of our infrastructures. In this era of ecological transition, the preservation of these structures becomes essential. Bluespine aims to develop cutting-edge technologies for rehabilitation professionals. From the diagnosis phase to the treatment of the structures, we put at your disposal our cumulative expertise of 60 years of research and experience in corrosion.

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Bluespine values innovation at the heart of its projects, thus offering structure rehabilitation professionals the best tools to fight against corrosion. This approach is supported by a constant quest for progress, both in our techniques and in our approaches, aimed at increasing transparency and user comfort.


Bluespine draws on a scientific expertise accumulating more than 60 years of experience and research in corrosion, in order to present reliable and durable solutions for the rehabilitation of your infrastructures.


Bluespine supports you at every stage of the rehabilitation of your structure and of the fight against corrosion, doing everything possible to meet your needs and those of our partners.


Bluespine places its development within a quality management approach in the exclusive service of customer satisfaction.

David Garcia
INSA engineer, doctor of science

CEO - N3 EN ISO 15257 Certified

After 8 years of studies in corrosion and a thesis in the diagnosis of corrosion in reinforced concrete infrastructures, David has acquired scientific and technical expertise in this field. An entrepreneur at heart, he now runs Bluespine to put his expertise at the service of rehabilitation professionals.

Simon Deharo
INSA engineer, doctor of science

COO - N3 EN ISO 15257 Certified

After 8 years of study in corrosion and a thesis in cathodic protection in reinforced concrete structures, Simon has developed international experience in project management. He is now chief operation officer for Bluespine and brings the technical expertise that completes perfectly his commercial approach.

“Bluespine was the best way to bring two passions together: entrepreneurship and the desire to build, as well as the development of anti-corrosion technologies. It’s also a great way to work with people who share my values.”

Simon Deharo
Guillaume Benoit

Guillaume Benoit

CTO - Electronics Expert

As an independent entrepreneur for five years, with a variety of experiences in SME and startups, and proven expertise in electronics, Guillaume brings together all the essential skills to the development of our high-tech products. Now chief technology officer for Bluespine, he deploys his expertise in our innovations applied to corrosion.

Juliette Julhe
Holder of a master's degree in Marketing and Communication

CMO - Digital marketing expert

Graduated in digital marketing from KEDGE Business School, Juliette recently evolved in the corrosion sector. Her understanding of the key issues in this field, combined with her marketing and communications skills, make her a valuable asset as chief marketing officer for Bluespine.

“Bluespine is the culmination of a project with strong values and multiple challenges that suit me both from a professional and personal point of view!”

Juliette Julhe

Erick Ringot
Consultant - Civil Engineering Expert, IT

Professor emeritus at Paul Sabatier University (Toulouse 3) and expert in Civil Engineering and IT, Erick passionately supports Bluespine as a scientific and technical consultant. He is co-founder of several companies employing many people. Erick brings a valuable combination of wisdom and skills to our young team.

Philippe Grassi
Consultant - Software edition expert

Founder and former President of Akanea, Philippe brings his expertise of more than 35 years in software publishing. His experience in supply networks and the commercialization of software and equipment intended for businesses enriches Bluespine team's strategy and dynamics

Philippe Grassi
Raoul François

Raoul François
Consultant - N5 EN ISO 15257 Certified - Corrosion Expert

Professor emeritus at INSA Toulouse, and internationally recognized expert in corrosion, Raoul combines his 40 years of experience and research with the dynamism of Bluespine. With the highest level of certification in cathodic protection, he brings to the team his technical expertise and innovative ideas for future technological advances in this sector.

Join Us

Join the Bluespine adventure! If you would like to put your skills and enthusiasm to work on our great project, send us your application!

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