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Bluespine : 60 cumulative years of corrosion work experience

This article delves you into nearly 60 years of collective experience in corrosion and cathodic protection of civil engineering infrastructures. Meet four of our passionate founders who embody this unique expertise. With nearly 250 scientific publications in this field and having contributed to numerous projects in France and abroad, their experience is the basis of our certified expertise. Entrust us with your corrosion prevention or treatment projects, take advantage of our total commitment to meet your needs, and develop your skills with us.

Raoul François

Professeur Raoul François Bluespine

Raoul François, professor emeritus at INSA Toulouse, is an internationally recognized scientific figure, specializing in the field of corrosion. Graduated of the "Ecole Normale Supérieure Cachan", he defended his thesis at the University of Toulouse in 1987 about the correlation between cracking and corrosion of reinforcing steel in concrete, thus marking the beginning of a career dedicated to understanding this complex phenomenon.

Director of 34 theses and author of more than 190 publications, Raoul displays an H-index of 48, positioning him among the most cited scientists in the field of durability of concrete works. In 2022, he was the first scientist in this area to be referenced by the prestigious platform, receiving the distinctions of knight and then officer of academic palms for all his career.

Author of the book entitled «Corrosion and its consequences on reinforced concrete structures», Raoul explores the phenomenology of corrosion, its influence on the mechanical behavior of the structure, and proposes a diagnostic method based on the analysis of the cracking state.

Raoul François' book : Corrosion and its consequences on reinforced concrete structures
Figure 1 : Calculation method developed in Raoul François' book; it is possible to do a recalculation based on the analysis of the state of cracking induced by corrosion

Involved in various French and international scholarly organizations, Raoul is part of the office of the French Centre for Cathodic Protection (CFPC) as head of the Concrete sectoral committee. He was also, for more than ten years, treasurer and board member of RILEM, the international association of experts in materials, construction systems and structures.

In 2014, he founded the first training center and certification center in cathodic protection of reinforced concrete structures at INSA Toulouse, in compliance with NF EN ISO 15257 standard. Raoul is one of the examiners of the centre, which grants professional certificates under the CEFRACOR brand for all levels. It holds the highest level in cathodic protection: level 5, rewarding a unique expertise; only three people hold this level of certification in Europe.

David Garcia

Dr. David Garcia Bluespine

INSA Engineer specialized in Civil Engineering and holder of the Master in Sustainability Engineering (IDRIMS) from Paul Sabatier University, David is a doctor in the diagnosis of steel corrosion in infrastructures. During this thesis, he developed a robust diagnostic approach to quantify corrosion activity and recommend a suitable treatment.

One can, for example, evoke his experimental and numerical work to evaluate the level of corrosion of bridge abutments in sheet pile, resulting from the circulation of stray currents.

Stray currents and corrosion rates on sheet pile walls
Figure 2 : Distribution stray current lines in the ground and spacial distribution of corrosion rates (mm/an) on the surface of sheet pile walls for two configurations : flaw located at 100 m East from the axis of the structure 2 (left) and a flaw perfectly centered (right)

Certified level 3 in cathodic protection (NF EN ISO 15257), David has applied his skills in multiple projects since his thesis, encompassing a wide range of works such as buildings, bridges, wind turbines, historical monuments ...

Keen to promote the evolution of technologies and practices in the field, David is co-inventor of an innovative process for the cathodic protection of marine infrastructures.

Member of the CFPC, David is also a trainer at INSA Toulouse for certification levels 2 and 3. Within the Corrosion of Steels in Concrete Commission (C-CABs), headed by Véronique Bouteiller, he contributes to the development of a corrosion diagnostic guide for project owners.

Simon Deharo

Dr. Simon Deharo Bluespine

INSA Engineer specialized in Civil Engineering, and graduate of the Master in Sustainability Engineering – Research and Innovation in Materials and Structures (IDRIMS) delivered by INSA and the University Paul Sabatier of Toulouse in 2017, Simon has built his expertise on the cathodic protection of reinforced concrete structures. His thesis, focused on this subject, led him to develop his know-how and pass his level 3 concrete certification (NF EN ISO 15257).

In particular, one can mention his work on the consideration of temperature in the design of cathodic protection by galvanic current.

Influence of temperature in the design of cathodic protection
Figure 3 : Influence of temperature on the current generated by zinc sheets sticked (ZLA) as sacrificial anode for the cathodic protection of a reinforced concrete canopy. This graphics underlines the critical role of temperature in the design of the treatment system

Among his wide range of experiences, Simon led an international project in the sensitive nuclear sector, skillfully composing with security requirements and technical challenges to carry out this particularly complex project.

Erick Ringot

Professeur Erick Ringot Bluespine

Professor emeritus of Paul Sabatier University, and expert in civil engineering, Erick Ringot has developed a special interest in corrosion for more than 10 years. He was the thesis Director of David Garcia.

Graduated from the "Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay", Erick defended his thesis in 1987 on the characterization of microcracks in hydraulic concretes. With his expertise, he is the author of more than a hundred publications in the field of civil engineering, with more than 50 project references in France and abroad.


Erick is also the founder and former manager of LRVision, a company specialized in the manufacture of chemicals dedicated to the building sector. He also held the position of President of the spin-off KEMERID, resulting from the collaborative research program AGRIBTP.

Proven specialist in structural design, he has published a book combining theory on the strength of materials and concrete applications, which has become an essential reference in the field.

Book of Erick Ringot : Structure calculation
Figure 4 : Book about structure calculation written by Erick Ringot and example of calculation of a beam


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